الأحد، 29 أبريل 2012

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The Word they have the heart of rigid

The girl crying girl crying blood 1000 by Jane

Dealt with the episode, the story of "our" tragic, a girl in the 18 years of age, suffering from a touch, by the whole clan containing more than 1000, according to Jane we have, where let them cry blood instead of tears.

Recounted our story with Reham, to sit with Sheikh Amr Leithy, constituents, amid suggestions is directly addressed to the jinn, they are creatures vulnerable to every Muslim, citing the words of God Almighty "honor my robe, and pride robe, of Nazaany therein; apportioned not mind," to lose our consciousness in the last episode years.Read Sheikh Amr Leithy to have a absent mind in the ring yesterday, which ended a short while ago, some of the verses of the Quran, including the verse chair, and roquia, for more than 20 minutes, to wake up in the end, and all remember is the pain of the head, headache only, without a change in the child's voice, and the absence of convulsions, which is justified by Leithy then that this touching external, not internal, because of the "Gun pilot," where it hurts the body or the host, without the occupation of the body from the inside.Revealed we also have that after the appearance of signs of harm it, the reader professional of the cup, which is told it in the time of times, aware of young Coptic this talent, he requested a cup of coffee so that you have read it later, then went on to attend the cup empty, to be surprised obese tells him that he did not drink any of it, with queries about the reason for them to know this, so he brought another cup, to drink and gives it to you have to read it.I told him we have that someone very dear to him will die, in addition to that it will move to work elsewhere because of the machinations of 3 people in the place of work, which made the young man asked No. We have to take is his own, and you hear after the death of Pope Shenouda, to talk the young man, "Mina "on the phone, because you Ptazith.
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